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The Holocaust Education & Antisemitism Act


Recent surveys from The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) found that an astounding 2/3 of millenials did not know who Hitler was, where Auschwitz is located or what happened there, what the word Holocaust referred to or that 6 million Jews were murdered by Nazis.

Sadly, TikTok challenges have demonstrated a rising trend among young people to adopt Nazi symbolism and gestures without understanding its origins or hateful rhetoric.

In this environment of ignorance, hate groups find fuel for their fires.

This is how hate festers and grows.  

But Congress can help change this.  

For over 25 years we have had Holocaust education in a handful of states, but without any uniformity or expectations of academic integrity.

The HEAL Act can help change this.

It’s the step we need to take back the narrative and restore the humanity of the victims by ensuring their murders are never forgotten or distorted.  Join Zachor Shoah in seeking comprehensive, age-appropriate, facts-based Holocaust education that centers on the history of Antisemitism, how Antisemitism fostered the “Final Solution”, and the use of primary sources as an integral part of a unified Holocaust education program.  


Join Zachor Shoah in urging our elected officals in Congress to support the Holocaust Education and Antisemitism Lessons (HEAL) Act to ensure maximum effectiveness and academic integrity in  Holocaust education across the United States of America.


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