The right to dignity

This petition aims to collect at least 6,000 names by so that a law can be developed in the future which would oblige the deletion of web pages on people who have been guilty of professional misconduct and having already paid their debt to society.

These people suffer irreparable harm to their dignity by having their fault INDEFINITELY exposed on the public place. Although they have acknowledged their misconduct and have already paid their due to society, they live in the humiliation of seeing their name associated with their fault preventing them from fully recover and restart their lives on new foundations. The consequences of such a situation are numerous and serious! They deprive these people of the fundamental right to BE RELEASED after paying for their fault! They are held in an emotional prison that handicaps them for life and also affects many people related to them (spouses, children, parents, friends, colleagues)! Not only do they suffer this humiliation on an every day basis, but they are constantly living in fear of seeing their faults discovered by other family members, other friends, new clients or prospective employers, and even by future generations who will have access to this information forever (grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.)

The right to dignity is a fundamental right that is flouted by such a situation!

That is why I am calling on you to help me advance this project.

You can get involved in different ways:

1. By signing this petition

2. By distributing this petition to your contacts

3. By helping me to develop dissemination tools to denounce this injustice or to allow people to express themselves on this issue (website, blog or Facebook page, etc.)

4. By testifying to your experience in writing or by video (anonymously if desired)

5. By helping me to contact the media

6. By translating texts into different languages

7. By contacting people in authority (government or judiciary, law professors, etc.) to ask for their support for this cause

8. Providing other ideas for advancing this cause

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