The Disney characters must stay in the Disneyland hotels

To all Disneyland Paris fans:

Today received the news that Disneyland Paris wants to take away the Disney characters from the Disneyland hotels. Disney characters will only be seen in the theme parcs from then on and not anymore in the hotels. So no more Pluto, Mickey, Minnie etc in hotel Newport Bay, Santa Fe, Cheyenne etc...

Sad news for all the fans because after all you pay for the Disneyland hotels because of the magic which all revolves around the Disney characters. Take away those characters from the hotels and you take away the dreams of our children, the parents and all the people that carry the dream in their hearts. Disney is not about age. It's a way of life!

If you feel the same then please take some time to share this with everyone.  Make yourself noted because, it's thanks to you that the dream is kept alive!