the first baby

This petition is addressed to the ROMANIAN GOVERNMENT & PRESIDENT of ROMANIA.

We, the young people of today we want very much to bring the world a toddler, but a living today in Romania don't really let us do this. How much is an extra mouth?
We say right away:
"Make calculations thoroughly: the coming of a new Member in the family can destabilize the House budget. Food, clothes, toys and hygiene products necessary forthe growth of a child come to cost up to 2,500 lei per month.
Any young family that wants a child makes its plans not only emotional, but alsofinancial and related to the coming birth of the baby and the costs involved in itsmaintenance. In the first months of life, food, clothes and toys go loose 2,000 lei. DanPalmer (35) is the father of an eight-month feţite.
Parental expenditures include diapers, wipes, bibs and wet dry, food and toys. The mancalculates that the amount allocated on a monthly basis only for the child's foodrepresents about 20% of the total expenditure.
"Food means milk, cereals for children, fruit, vegetables, tea and water, and the toysyou buy are those created to develop the senses. Here's how to choose toys for me into his mouth, for the period when they grow up to dinţişorii play centres, forerunnersfor the first steps of your baby and bath toys, "says Dan.
Diaper costs around 150 lei per month, while food can reach or even exceed 250 lei,the most money going on cereal and milk, which expires shortly after opening and often have a fairly large amount ". Clothes, children's clothing, fire expensive is twocategories: the State House or sleeping-bags, socks, "sticky shoes because it teaches you to go", to which is added the clothes out on the outside. Usually parents don't buya lot of tight, because they remain small very quickly. "If we were to make only threecategories food, clothes, games, I think the clothes are the most costly", says Dan.
Also, your baby needs not only of food but also of medication. Dan Palmer frequentlyfor his little daughter buys vitamins, which come in monthly expenditure category.Nanny brings additional cost Abe Edet (31 years old) says that the nanny for his childby a year and four months has allocated the highest budget: 1,000-1,200 lei a month.She says that the baby food is next on the list, as well as costs. "I give about 400 lei perdish, which includes milk, cereal, fruit and so special". Then come the diapers and toys."Once a month ¬ make new toys, food once a week, clothes, about three months," says Abdullah.
That purchase interval in general, especially in the growth period, investments in the products necessary to make daily, weekly and monthly. "We buy on a daily basis-in addition to regular food, candy, cakes, snacks/, lollipops, about 10-15 lei. Weekly, wecounted the items, t-shirts, socks, pajamas or toys, worth 50-100 lei per month to buytoys or other items of clothing, about 300-400 lei, "says Laurence Rădulescu (33 years),which has a four year old child. Parents say they prefer imported products instead of those manufactured in the us. "At the rate of over 90%, the products we use areimported," says Dan Popescu.
There is however a category like domestic products when it comes to food and clothing, but take the shoes or imported toys. Calculations even before birth increasesthe budget of the new Member of the family is determined even before birth. CarmenIonescu (37 years) is in the fifth month of pregnancy, and that he prepared financiallyas early as the first month. She has put aside 100 euros a month for the harvesting ofstem cells, which says it reaches thousand lei, the amount payable in three installments,after birth. The child grows, expenses decrease is expected, after the arrival of the littleworld, to spend a month up to a thousand euros, claiming that the largest part of thebudget, about three quarters, will go towards the upkeep of the new Member of the House. "The more you spend with clothes, food and diapers.I'll take the baby

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