The four finnish dolphins must not be transferred

Dolphins must not live in captivity, but for the dolphins who have lived in the Särkänniemi dolphinarium for decades a transfer anywhere may prove to be fatal. Veera and Delfi, who were 5-7 years old when they were first brought to Tampere, are now aged, and Leevi and Eevertti have a disease typical of dolphins living in captivity, haemochromatosis, which may cause problems in a transfer. If the dolphins are sold, it is also a real danger that the family that has lived together all these years will be scattered, or even sold again. The best and only responsible alternative is to let them live in their familiar environment, receiving the best care they can get in a dolphinarium environment in Europe.

Endangered by transfer are:
Veera, about 38 year-old female, leader of the dolphins and mother of Eevertti.
Delfi, about 36 year-old male, father to all dolphins born in Särkänniemi dolphinarium
Leevi, male born in Tampere in 1993, son of Näsi and Delfi.
Eevertti, male born in Tampere in 1996, son of Veera and Delfi.

We who sign this petition demand that the four Finnish dolphins, Veera, Delfi, Leevi and Eevertti, are not sold or transferred away from their home pool and home town.

We demand that Tampere authorities and Särkänniemi profoundly investigate all financial possibilities that would allow the four dolphins to retire in their familiar home pool, and that their lives are not jeopardized by a transfer to worse conditions.

We demand an open attitude to consider other options where people could financially support this goal. One possible solution is a rest home that could be established in Särkänniemi, Tampere, for the dolphins that have lived there all their lives. The rest home operation could partly be financed, for example, by godparent-sponsoring and admission fees to the dolphin rest home for visits that are organized solely on the dolphins' terms.

We hope that both Tampere authorities and Särkänniemi understand the enormously positive international news value that this kind of action and the rejection of selling/transferring the dolphins would bring to Finland, Tampere and Särkänniemi.

All dolphinariums must be discontinued, but old, bad decisions cannot be reversed. Now it is our responsibility to ensure the well-being of Veera, Delfi, Leevi and Eevertti for as long as they live.