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Today, close to 1 billion people are still suffering from hunger. At the same time, over-consumption is a growing global problem. Thus, many countries are faced with the human health consequences of either overnutrition or malnutrition. In addition, food scandals are a rather too often occurring problem. There are numerous initiatives around the globe that strive to make food sufficiently available, safe and nutritious, and in an honest and sustainable manner. Progress has been achieved on a number of fronts, but these are the positive exceptions. The way in which food ends up on our plate is often far from transparent, honest or sustainable. Of all the people working in the food sector, millions are faced with personal exploitation, pollution, scarcity, land appropriation, economic exploitation and dishonest profit sharing. Both our planet and our food supply are under ever-increasing pressure. A structural reform of the entire food system, therefore, is urgently required. This calls for action today, in order to...

… realise the following targets by 2030:

  1. Available, affordable, healthy and sufficient food for all
  2. Safe and nutritious food for all
  3. An honest and transparent global food system
  4. Sustainable global production and consumption

What needs to happen?

We are convinced of the possibility of achieving this within one generation. This calls for farmers, governments, businesses, social institutions and consumers to begin today with implementing radical changes. This requires that we cooperate more cleverly, expand good initiatives and raise them to become the standard. Together we can ensure that, from farm to fork, our food is handled in a transparent way, delivering sufficient safe and healthy food that also has been produced honestly and sustainably.

What will we do?

We will approach all those involved and confront them about how our food is produced and traded. We will request honest information about our food. By criticising abuse and applauding positive examples, and by connecting positive initiatives and inspiring people. We will build a bottom-up movement of producers and consumers who make the choice for a more honest and sustainable food system. We will ask governments to take measures that will promote an honest and transparent food system, as well as good access to healthy and safe food. We will ask producers to produce in a fair and sustainable manner. We will support initiatives and producers that are making a difference in an innovative way. We will help consumers to make educated choices. All this is of crucial importance to bring about the necessary changes to the current food system.

All people in the world are entitled to sufficient food that is safe and nutritious and has been produced in an honest, sustainable and transparent way.

Who are we?

We are Fairfood, Youth Food Movement, foodwatch, The Hunger Project, Wemos and FIAN Netherlands. We are all dedicated to improve the food system for all people in the world. We all possess certain knowledge and experience and, together, we cover the entire food chain.

Will you join us? Please sign this declaration and share it with others.

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