The Marginalization and ignorance of the Tsonga Language by the SABC

Reading through the content of the language Policy of the SABC it sounds all too good but it hardly reflects on what We Tsonga speaking South Africans see or have been seeing on our tv screen 24years into democracy. It is very surprising to see that the SABC is aware that we are being marginalised yet very little has been done over the years to address this. To assume that majority of Tsonga speaking people can understand Nguni and Sotho languages is a stereotype that is not correct. We are also citizens and deserve to see stories that are meaningful being televised in our language, we deserve to hear our language being spoken on sports shows and daily on television like the Nguni and Sotho languages, we deserve to see our artists/actors being given opportunities to shine on the national stage. Let these policies be put into action as SABC has an integral role to educate society and inspire tolerance amongst South Africans, many people do not even know how xiTsonga sounds like because they never see anything meaningful in the language on TV. Is our crime the ability and willingness to learn other languages? Should our language continue to be undermined meanwhile we embrace other Languages? We watch award shows that redicule our artists work by not even including them as if they are non existent. The public broadcaster needs to address this unfairness as a matter of urgency, we have waited 24 years and it is about time we are also recognized equally as we equally contribute to society in various forms. This needs to happen fast!

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