The reception center to Porvoo

This petition is addressed to city's decision-makers in order to open a reception center as soon as possible for asylum-seekers coming to Finland.

There's a great need for a reception centre as there are many asylum-seekers and existing reception centers are already full.

Porvoo is close to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, which has often been favored by immigrants, because one can easily find grocery stores specialized in halal and ethnic food supplies, as well as cultural organizations and mosques. Many other municipalities have now taken action.

We already have a lot of volunteers in Porvoo and nearby areas, so the possibilities to support and assist asylum-seekers and to work at the Porvoo reception center are good.

Eastern Uusimaa region has a lot of those willing to accommodate their own homes. According to the Migri instructions the asylum-seekers should stay in the municipality or close to the reception center where they are enrolled.

We believe that Porvoo has a lot to give to asylum-seekers. Thanks to our rich history and culture of art, asylum-seekers would thrive for sure.

We all have a great desire to help!