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Animal cruelty is a growing problem all around the world. From dog fighting to animal hoarding, its a national crisis that is destroying the lives of thousands of animals. Whether it be cats, dogs, rabbits, or even chickens, these creatures are being beaten and abused and are given these horrible lives. They have no voice, they didn't choose this life, they did nothing wrong, all they did was love us, their human, their owner, their person, unconditionally, and we let them down, we broke them, we disappointed them, and we killed them. It is wrong, by any standard to inflict pain and/or suffering on any living creature. You wouldn't like being beaten, or being kept in chains, enslaved, made to perform for the entertainment of others, mutilated and confined to tiny cages... So why would you allow any creature, any animal, no matter how big or small be subjected to such cruelty? Approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, about 3.9 million are dogs, and 3.4 million are cats. Every single year, about 2.7 million animlas are euthanized. This problem will not go away on its own, in fact, without the help of the people of the world, it can only grow. We can't save every animal, that's an impossible task. But little tasks can go a long way, such as, limit the breeding, get your pets spayed and nautered. Remember, your pet is for life. DO NOT get a pet if you are not capable of caring of it. Animals need as much caring for and companionship as humans do. Also, if you believe someone is abusing an animal, speak up. The best thing you can do is report your suspicion of cruelty to your local enforcement agency, humane organization, or animal control agency. Love your pets unconditionally, because they love you just as much. Speak Up for the Voiceless!


“Life is as precious to us as it is for an animal. An animal is as loving, caring, and kind to her children as we are. She might not be able to tell us but she can express it through her eyes and expressions. She feels joy and happiness. She is helpless in our cruel hands and vulnerable to our vicious greed. Let us be kind to animals. Let us learn to feel their pain. Can we kill a helpless baby to feed our greed? Then how can we kill helpless animal friends that can’t talk? Often we kill just for fun. How funny would it be if an animal killed a human just for fun? Let us be kind to animals as much as possible. I know we can. It is easier to love an animal than a human being. If you love an animal, it will rarely hurt you. Let us practice kindness and compassion to animals so that we may create a peaceful world.”
Debasish Mridha 

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