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      Family courts tend to be biased against fathers, don't  enforce orders and agreements even after multiple violations, and solely rely on cps (child protective services) recommendations. 

    However, not all cases involve cps or their need for the division. Further for cases with cps involvement, they tend not to be fully honest to the courts. In New Jersey for example, even with excessive evidence, witnesses and multiple outlets reporting for one family, will not make recommendations of living locations for children, as they claim their mission is to "stabilize families" and base child abuse findings in percentage charts. 

that is the other reason to sign this petition. To make child services reform. Holding them accountable, removing their "immunity" from violating fathers rights, children's rights and even court orders. 

the last reason you should sign this petition, is because we need to reform the sector of policing , where police can enforce family court orders, allow to charge for laws broken written within legislation, rather than just make a poorly written police report , that leaves out the necessary details and court orders of family matter incidents. 

family courts, cps and police in this sector are not for the bests interests and well being of children, but rather for the lining of pockets through special interest groups, state funding, federal kickbacks, unnecessary legal costs etc...4E2BCB0C-004E-4C25-AB3D-234D9F1D1415.png

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