TNR Program For Our Town!

Dear North Bergen Commissioners,

I’m writing to urge our town officials to implement a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program in North Bergen. A TNR program is the only humane and effective solution for controlling the exploding feral cat population in our community.

TNR is a community-based program that will benefit the cats and residents of North Bergen. Some successes of a TNR program include fewer feral cats, reduced nuisance complaints, improved public health and improved animal welfare; our neighboring town of Kearny is a great example to follow.

TNR stabilizes community cat populations by stopping the breeding cycle. It also stops disruptive mating behaviors—like yowling, spraying, roaming, and fighting.  Successful TNR programs save taxpayer’s money by reducing shelter intake and euthanasia.

Many community cats are unadoptable due to lack of human socialization; however, they can live happy, healthy lives outdoors. “Getting rid of them” is not cost-effective, doesn’t solve the problem and is not representative of the caring, animal-friendly community that North Bergen strives to be.

A successful TNR program requires three key things: a holding space, town funding and a responsible team of volunteers.  I am asking you to support North Bergen Purr by providing them with a safe space in our town to recover the cats after surgery, similar to the facilities provided to rescue groups in Union City. 

North Bergen Purr fundraises to off-set the costs of TNR services but receives more pleas for help than they can fundraise for within a reasonable amount of time. The responsibility should not fall solely on the town’s residents to cover the cost for a community problem. I am asking you to work with North Bergen Purr, a 501c3 organization, to successfully implement a TNR program that will benefit our community cats, community members, and our town as a whole.

North Bergen Resident

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