To stop collection of fees by men/officers of the NURTW at bus stops, garages and other public places in Lagos State, pursuant to the 'Illegal Collection of Dues in Public Places Prohibition Law,1989'

NURTW ( the Union) is a trade union recognised in Nigeria, with branches in different parts of the states. Over the years, the Union engages some of its members to collect dues/fees from drivers/riders of commercial vehicles at different public locations like bus stops, motor parks etc.

It has been discovered that some of these members (collectors) engage in some activities like assults, threats to life, damage to property etc in order to be able to make their collections. Even the collections they make have no record whatsoever, and it has also been discovered that drivers/riders redistribute the burden of the dues they pay on passengers, resulting in increase in transport fares.

We discovered a law exists in Lagos State which prohibits the act of collecting dues or any fees whatsoever in public places to wit: "Illegal Collection of Dues in Public Places (Prohibition) Law, 1989'. We desire that Lagos State government looks into these  issues and enforce this law, as we believe, members of this Union are potential threats to our society, if not regulated and made to obey the law.

We need NURTW to devise better and legal methods to be used in collecting dues/fees from its members.

We are tired to see members of the NURTW at various public places in Lagos State engaging in illegal acts in the name of collecting dues from its members. We need the Lagos State government to take these people off the streets and provide better and legal alternative means for them to earn a living.

We implore you to sign this petition to address these issues and make Lagos a better place to live.

Thank you.




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