The presented petition is for all Qataris and residents of the State of Qatar, it is for both who have received the vaccine and those who didn’t.
You don’t have to be with or against taking the vaccine, as this petition ensures that every individual’s choice is respected without restraining their freedom.
The purpose of this petition is to present its outcome to the decision-makers in the State of Qatar.
We kindly ask you to sign this petition as it will hopefully guarantee your right of choice to either take or leave the vaccine.
In addition to granting you the right to freedom of movement, entry to work, government, commercial and other facilities, as well as having the right to not be discriminated against.
It is stipulated in our Qatari Constitution Article 36, in addition to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Articles 2 and 3.
The aim of this petition: to receive more than 10,000 signatures.


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