Together against the deportation of Maddox and Mattheus

Unfortunately we recently received the shocking news that the twins, Maddox Neto and Mattheus Jonathan, 8 years young, from Sarun (father of the twins) have to leave Switzerland until the 16th of April this year, because the application for the extension of the residence of permit of their mother was rejected. Although the decision has been made in the summer of 2014, the father didn’t get any information from anybody about it. At the beginning of March 2015 Sarun received this incredible news and we were all shocked about it.

Now we ask you all for your help! The twins – two little boy – were born in Switzerland, they go to school in Switzerland and they speak Swiss German, they got all their friends and family here in Switzerland! In Brazil, their health, their education and their future would be uncertain.

We are working with the Migration Office and are asking for another solution. We don’t know how long it takes until the Migration Office will make a decision. That’s why we need the support of everyone of you! Each of you could be the decisive voice to convince the Migration Office to let Maddox and Mattheus stay in their real home town next to their loving father, loving family and friends. Thank you all for your support! Please share this information with all of your friends and family. We all together can reach a great impact! Every voice counts!