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Dear artist,

The extraordinary times that we find ourselves in due to CoViD-19, also has a serious impact on our industry, tattoo artists and piercers. And where up until now there has never been any single point of contact or form of unionization for our industry, we have seen the need to accommodate this.

The NBTK and the Nederlandse Tattoo Bond have joined their efforts. The RIVM has asked us to present a well-substantiated plan so that we can open for our doors in the new society. We have offered up this plan to RIVM, so that we can open up talks. We want this plan to have a solid foundation and ask you to co-sign this petition. Together we are strong! Register as a (certified) shop, tattoo artist, piercer, pmu and laser clinic in this joint effort, so that we can actually represent the entirety of our industry.

Please note! This petition is only useful if signed by professionals, not by customers / consumers. This joint effort between the NBTK and the Dutch Tattoo Association is one that is supported by a large group of suppliers and tattooists. They have joined forces to make this initiative even stronger.

This collaboration will be shaped in democratic and fully transparent manner. Participation is free of obligation and free of charge. For the future, there are of course important and obvious items on the agenda such as the implementation of European guidelines, our VAT rate, insurance, etc.

But now is the time to unite as an industry, cooperate and speak with one voice. Every professional wants to open their doors again in a way that is safe and responsible for both us and our customers. Society's health concerns us all.

Sincerely, De Nederlandse tattoobond NBTK Nederlandse Beauty en Tattoo Keurmerk:    

Andy Spaan (Bonzai)                Ink n Art events

Mark van der Vlugt                   Tattooland

Mart van Doremalen                 InkPlaza

Gerard Lever                            LEV Groothandel

Gerrit Bekman                          Painted Flesh

Willem Tegelaers                      Tattoo Shop Corner 82

Francine Launspach                  Tattoolab

Bertina Rens                            SwallowInk

Amanda Kooijman                    Renegade Tattoo

Paul Kooijman                         Renegade Tattoo

Rene Romijn                            Instinkt

Shannon Romijn                       Instinkt

Maikel Vink                              Ink n Art events

Gerrit Grootenhaar                    Sailors and Crooks

Lianne Scholten                        Sailors and Crooks

Letter to the RIVM / LCHV : Document

Andy Bonzai ( Ink n Art Events & NBTK )    Contact the author of the petition

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