Petition to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the MMA National team of the Republic of Kazakhstan. About violation of athletes legal rights and non-admission to the MMA World Champio

Dear Mr. President!
We, the members of the national team of Kazakhstan on MMA, ask you to protect our rights. In your Message to the people of Kazakhstan, you annually note the importance of improving the conditions and development of mass sports and physical education.

However, we faced with flagrant injustice. Us, the national team of Kazakhstan, not allowed to participate in the World MMA Championship. Instead of us, other athletes who are not the official national team go to the competitions, which is a gross violation of the Law "On Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan". The International Federation of MMA IMMAF in its Charter says that it is obliged to work with accredited national federations, but violate their own requirements.

All year long, we have been preparing for the main start for. A difficult selection at the Kazakhstan Championship in MMA already passed, several stages of training camps also passed. Now we deprived of this opportunity. We deprived of dreams to represent our country on the international sports arena, the main goal of life, to which we have long walked.

For the whole the world, Kazakhstan known as land of sports power. As you know that abroad, only in two cases we hear the National Anthem – first in your honor, and second when on the highest steps of the pedestal our champions stand. Do not put into words that sense of pride when we raise the flag of our country. For these victories are persistent hours of training several times a day, injuries, hardships and deprivation, separation from the family. Each time, having received the right to enter the international arena on behalf of our Motherland, we feel unlimited happiness.

Mr. President, the MMA Federation of Kazakhstan has repeatedly appealed to an international organization with the protection of our rights, but this has not changed anything. Even a specialized ministry cannot stand up in our defense and defend our honor. We all remember the injustice that happened to the people's favorite, Ilya Ilyin, and only you supported him. Now we asking you to lend a helping hand for us, we really need your support.

We, the undersigned, are active members of the national team of Kazakhstan in MMA, we ask you, dear Nursultan Abishevich, to help find a solution in this situation and ensure compliance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



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