Trade Marner

Mitch Marner is the epitome of the dream of literally millions of Leaf fans. 


Growing up in Ontario, being drafted by your favourite childhood team in the Toronto Maple Leafs, playing your way up the lineup and eventually becoming the (co) fave of the franchise. 


Mitch Marner and his camp are also demanding more money on a bridge, medium term, and long term deal than any winger on NHL history. 


The fans love Mitch, we love Mitch. But his contract demands are beyond crippling to a team that has a massive amount if offensive firepower. 


Since hes not willing to make a realistic deal and is demanding to re set the RFA and even UFA wi ger market after 1 elite season, trade him. 

Trade him for a amazing package. 

Trade him to show the players they are not more important than the crest they play for. 

We as fans cheer for players, but we cheer louder for teams. 

Dubas, dont feel like you are forced to make a bad deal because of the fans. We want to win. PERIOD. If Mitch cant be reasonable, trade him for assets that will help us win. Dont let him cripple the salary cap going forward.



Dejected Marner fans, and proud Leaf fans first.

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