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this is a letter I sent to CP24 - I want them to know that we are very tired of their miserable and incomplete versions of both our local and world news :


Why is CP24 coloring or slanting the news to meet its own agenda?  CP24 is not fully informing the public of any and all events that should be fully disclosed to the viewers.
Myself and 1000's of like-minded CANADIAN citizens are having to turn to alternate sources to be able to access the correct and entire full story of any news reported by CP24 and we are sick of this sugar coated coverage of world events - CP24 should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be manipulated, bullied and blackmailed by individuals and entities larger than themselves.
A news story is exactly that - not the bits and pieces that you think gullible and/or stupid viewers will just eyeball and move on....please give your viewers some credit for actually having a fully functional brain and a desire for truth in all things.
I am so sick of this - I will be contacting both the CRTC and all Canadians via a petition to have CP24 completely revamped (or replaced) so that when we sit down to watch the news we can be confident that we are getting exactly that.
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