This matter will come before the Council of Georgian Bluffs on Wednesday May 17 & for final decision on Wednesday June 7, 2023  Please see report CSD-2023-06 for further details on the refit proposal - this document and its attachments are public and available in an accessible format upon request at the Georgian Bluffs township office. 

We, the undersigned are writing this letter to express our wholehearted support for the proposed refit and refurbishment of the Kilsyth Derby Arena into an indoor turfed sports facility. We firmly believe that this transformation will bring numerous benefits to our community and address the growing needs of our youth and adult sports clubs.

The conversion of the Kilsyth Derby Arena into an indoor turfed sports facility will have a profound impact on the well-being and development of our community members. By providing a dedicated space for indoor sports activities, we will create opportunities for physical fitness, skill development, and healthy competition. The availability of a quality sports facility will encourage participation in organized sports, leading to improved overall health and reduced sedentary lifestyles among our residents.

Furthermore, the revitalization of the Kilsyth Derby Arena will foster community engagement and social cohesion. It will serve as a central gathering place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together to enjoy sports events, tournaments, and recreational activities. The facility will not only benefit our current residents but also attract visitors from neighboring communities, boosting tourism, and generating economic opportunities for local businesses.

The proposed refit and refurbishment align perfectly with our shared vision of promoting an active and vibrant community. It is an excellent opportunity to leverage the partnership between the private and public sectors, as it combines the resources and expertise of both entities. This collaboration will result in the creation of a sustainable and well-managed sports facility that can accommodate the evolving needs of our community for years to come.

We are confident that the refurbishment of the Kilsyth Derby Arena into an indoor turfed sports facility will contribute significantly to the growth and development of our community. We urge the Council to give this proposal the attention and support it deserves, recognizing its potential to enhance the quality of life for all residents and foster a strong sense of community pride.

Thank you for considering our collective endorsement and for your dedication to serving the best interests of our community. We look forward to the positive outcomes that will arise from this transformative project.

Martin Sasek, OSD (Ontario Sports Development)    Contact the author of the petition

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