Unban Dragonback

Hello all,

I am Dragonback (Varonos). I was banned from RA a few months ago for dms between myself and another person in RA. Regardless of how I feel about the ruling, this is the situation I have gotten myself in. I've taken my time to reflect on everything that has transpired and feel like I am ready to make a comeback worth being a part of. When I am unbanned I plan to bring a very high level of raiding into RA. I hope to teach people harder strats and riskier comps that will pay off with big time saves (and are more fun in my opinion). If the community is not up for this just yet I will apply to be a mentor and help people learn classes and teach people how to improve on their own.

I hope this petition will show RA staff that I, Dragonback, am a valuable asset and that I am serious about bettering the discord as well as showing them the size of the community that backs this decision.

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