Unban Loudclaw from the Chatbox

Why he should be unbanned:

  • It's been long over a year since he's been banned and it's not like he did that much anyway.
  • He isn't even as bad as he used to be if you could even call him bad now.


Reasons why you may want to sign this:

  • He's a friend of yours.
  • You don't know him but you're curious to how he's like in the chatbox.
  • You forgive him for past mistakes.
  • You may not know Loudclaw at all but want to sign this anyway to feel like you're doing something good.
  • For whatever reason, you just want to see Loudclaw in the chatbox.
  • You may not care either way but you're signing this because you feel like it.


Sign with your CI username and if you have to, make something up for the last name.