Unban Twin, Stop banning w/o cause. No Modern PT.

We have now seen the full implications of what a Modern PT means for the format.

"When Wizards announced Modern in their inaugural “A Modern Proposal” article, Tom LaPille promised “As I said, many of you have called for a non-rotating format that doesn’t have the card availability problems of Legacy. We propose Modern as that format.” That’s no longer true today. Although Legacy’s card availability issues aren’t present in Modern (even if the price tags of many staples suggest otherwise) Modern can no longer truly be considered a nonrotating format. It is now a rotating format where rotations are hamfisted through by banning decisions irrespective of metagame shifts." - Sheridan Lardner, Editor in Chief of Modern Nexus.

This couldn't be more true, and I would advice you to read the whole article. Found here - http://modernnexus.com/saturday-brief-summer-bloom-splinter-twin-banned/

If you're tired of being afraid, worried and upset about the B/R update. If you agree that WoTC should not try to artificially rotate Modern through unnecessary bans just to spice things up before the PT. Please sign this petition and make them aware of the fact. We all love having a PT for Modern, but if the cost is that they'll continue to ban tier 1 decks every January, let's be done with it.

We do NOT approve WoTC. Stop messing with our favorite format. You've been served!

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