United States Government Term Limits

The House and Senate work for us. We the people are the ones that are supposed to be represented. So why aren’t we? Government officials have adopted laws for their protection. I think it’s time to change that. Why can’t we force them to adopt term limits? We as Americans would have to unite, all sides. The plan wouldn’t happen overnight but let’s not look at the short term, let’s look at our grandchildren’s future.

The skeleton of the plan is simple. We present to those in office that they HAVE to sign legislation that puts in term limits. If they do not sign, we as Americans vow to do everything we can to get them ousted in the next election. If they agree, sign, and it passes they are exempt from the new law until they are defeated. Term limits can be two six year terms with staggered elections in order to maintain leadership and experience. I know it’s very simplistic but why can’t we as the majority start something at a grass roots level?


This is just the start of what i hope will help change our government for the better and before proceeding I'd like to get a gauge of where people stand.  If you agree that term limits should be in place please sign the petition and let's see what we can do.

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