URGENT: help us saving the orchestra of the Flemish Opera !!



Our highly esteemed and much appreciated Opera and Ballet Orchestra in Flanders is being threatened with closure in the near future.   Such closure will result in a major part of Flemish culture being seriously eroded if not completely eradicated.

How is this possible?  It would be a direct consequence of current political machinations
An external report was ordered by the Flemish Minister of Culture, Sven Gatz.  
The report was eventually complied by one, Koen Vandyck.  

This damaging report seems to imply the absorption of the Flemish Opera Orchestra into the Filharmonic Orchestra in Antwerp.  
The apparent aim is to ‘strengthen’ programming and efficiency.  Exactly how such efficiency would come about remains unclear.

The Flemish Opera Orchestra feels strongly that it has for more than a century fulfilled a necessary and vital role in the cultural life of Flanders. Currently the orchestra performs to 96% full houses which stands as testimony to public support and public desire to be part of such a rich cultural heritage. Historically, for centuries, Flemish arts have reflected the beauty, generosity and compassion of it’s nation.  

The cultural richness and diversity of Flemish arts have had direct impact on international cooperation and communication. 
The merging of two orchestras will, without doubt, result in the permanent loss of countless jobs.  
It will also result in a far less vibrant cultural  life in Flanders and have an impact on local economy.

ACOD cultuur cannot stand by and quietly acquiesce to the erosion of cultural heritage!

Please loudly join the chorus that calls for preservation of cultural heritage for future generations
Sign this petition without delay.  

The greater the number of voices, the greater our chances of convincing Ministers of the negative impact on our society of ill-considered decisions based on a narrow, economy-driven perspective rather than our longer term, societal responsibilities.

Thanks for your support !

ACOD cultuur


Laurette Muylaert                                                            Inge Hermans

National Secretary ACOD cultuur                                        President ACOD cultuur