Various Problems Of Booking Italian Embassy Appointments


Dear Italian Ambassador,

As per the inconvenience experienced regarding the visa Type-D appointment scheduling through CKGS's website, all the applicants want to notify you of a critical condition we are currently enduring. We are entirely aware of the embassy and CKGS's situations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of applicants; however, this difficulty has become a big concern for the embassy applicants and has put a tremendous amount of pressure on our burdens.

We would be truly grateful if the embassy obligates the applicants to upload the confirmation document issued by while making an account for every person. Thus, embassy appointments will be available strictly for eligible individuals. Inasmuch as all embassy appointments are taken in a short time, we are suspicious and doubt that there is a third party who get appointments unfairly, and then sell them at exorbitant prices. Besides, some applicants have bought the embassy appointments from these illegal dealers.

This issue was unfortunately repeated last year as well. At this crucial time, students who are waiting for a visa cannot choose another country because we prepared all the documents (original and translated) at the request of the Italy embassy. Hence, there is no turning back for us, and many young talented students have wasted a whole year just for nothing on condition that this procedure continues.

Therefore, increasing the number of daily appointments, considering this number of applicants will be a great help to fulfill the aspirations of talented young students.

Undoubtedly, we are not aware of a significant amount of activities in assessing a single application case; thereby, we kindly ask you to implement an adequately rational approach to this problem to prevent talented students from losing their hopes.

Best regards,

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