Better working conditions for students and professors of Veterinary Medicine and humane tratment of animals

To the Chancellor of University of Forestry

Prof. DSC Ivan Alexandrov Iliev  



Dear Professor Iliev,

Students of Veterinary Medicine at University of Forestry need to be granted the opportunity to train more in order to get the needed practical abilities.

At this moment the lessons are held with two cows, one horse and one dog, which is extremely insufficient and inadequate for the needs and purposes of veterinary education. Those animals are used for the training of students from the 3rd, 4th and 5th year in three different disciplines – Propedeutics of Internal Diseases, Propedeutics of Surgical Diseases and Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The animals are not receiving the proper care and are in bad overall condition, as a result of their constant exploitation for clinical examinations and procedures which would in other conditions be routine and non-invasive.

You can imagine what would happen if in two days over 60 students would do a rectal examination on just two cows, or 20-30 students would extract blood from the same dog. This is physically impossible and cruel for the animals and the better part of the students refuse the opportunity to do the needed training because of moral reasons.

We are the future veterinarians of Bulgaria and we think that the good practical education is substantial for our profession. Though it’s important that it is held in normal conditions and proper methods in a High Education Institution in a country, part of the EU, in the 21st century and also with humane and ethical treatment of animals. We are not less important than the students in other faculties at this university and we insist on better learning conditions.  


From the students of Veterinary Medicine

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