Villebois Master Plan Amendment for the Learning Enrichment Cente

Tim Knapp, Mayor
City of Wilsonville
29799 SW Town Center Loop E
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Dear Mayor Knapp and members of the City Council and Planning Commission:

We are writing to ask the city to delay the public hearing on the Villebois Master Plan Amendment for the Learning Enrichment Center (LEC) by Polygon to allow time to conduct a public engagement process to define the desired use of the study area.

The LEC property is identified as a "Future Study Area" in the Villebois Master Plan. Concepts for future uses of the area were included in the master plan, which included an expansion of the LEC property. The proposed uses included a chapel, teen center and expansion of the retreat center. There is no mention of a significant amount of residential housing. Since the original vision will not be implemented due to land ownership change, we would like the city to conduct a process that would allow both homeowners and community members to help define what the new concept should be for the study area and what will best suit the needs of both Villebois and the greater community.

We appreciate that Polygon held neighborhood meetings to discuss the proposal and made slight modifications based on homeowner feedback. However, homeowners remain opposed to approval of this proposal. We request the city be thoughtful in the planning for this area, especially given the significant environmental uses, rather than reactionary to a developer's proposal.

Villebois is a community that has seen success through a mindset of going above and beyond to build something special, and this approach must be upheld.

The land was designated a "Future Study Area" and we believe the city still needs to conduct a public process to study and define the uses of the area. Below is our summary of concerns with the existing proposal.

1)  Over Density - There are far too many homes proposed for this space.
2)  Traffic Issues - Given the density issues, the traffic impacts throughout Villebois will be substantial.
3)  School Overcrowding - The addition of this many homes will have an unplanned and detrimental impact to our existing schools.
4)  Lack of Parks, Green Spaces and Meandering streets - Current plans are a straight road grid structure, with minimal open spaces. This is inconsistent with the Master Plan and the existing community.
5)  Connectivity - Current plans show minimal connectivity to the existing community.
6)  Lack of Innovation - The current plans does not take advantage of the unique natural characteristics of the site.
7)  Lack of Commitment to Retain any Significant Trees on Lots or Within the Main Footprint of the Development -  Again, this is inconsistent with the Master Plan, the feel of the existing community, and the City of Wilsonville's reputation as Tree City USA.
8)  Need for Product Diversity and Builders Involved with the Completion of Villebois - The  Polygon plan includes bigger homes than what they are currently building in Villebois, but with no commitment for significant improvements in the product otherwise. This lack of diversity in housing options and builders will be detrimental to the city and Villebois.


We appreciate your time and concern and strongly urge the Planning Commission to delay the hearing to allow time for a more thoughtful planning approach for this significant land.