Wausau School Board - Mixed Gender Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

A Petition to the Wausau School Board about mixed gender Bathrooms/Locker-rooms

In a sincere desire to protect, nurture and care-for all children, we respectfully request that the Wausau School Board only allow biologically same-gender students to share restrooms, locker rooms, and showers.  To do otherwise will undoubtedly result in children feeling unprotected, humiliated, embarrassed and/or violated.  

By opening our school locker rooms, showers and bathrooms to whichever gender a person identifies with, we believe that potential lawsuits could follow if some form of sexually abusive behavior ever results.  We also believe that a potential exodus of children/families to other school options (home, private, or open enrollment) might occur.

As you are aware, on August 21, 2016, a Federal Court issued a nationwide injunction against the Federal Government that prohibits it from:  "initiating, continuing, or concluding any investigation based on Defendants' interpretation that the definition of sex includes gender identity in Title IX's (9's) prohibition against discrimination on the basis of sex."  It is not legally necessary to allow biological, same-gender, students to share restrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

However, if separate facilities are necessary for transgender and/or children who do not identify with either binary gender, we encourage the WSD to create a "gender neutral" locker room, shower, and several bathrooms.  

We respectfully urge you to protect, nurture, and care for all children as stated above.  Thank you!

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