Wax 'n Grind - Permit to operate from the same location for 4 hours

Wax 'n Grind operates a mobile coffee van on the Northern Beaches and have been a much-welcomed service (purveyor of great coffee) for the close nit Mona Vale Beach community (swimmers, walkers and beach lovers) since the demolition of the SLSC and the coffee shop that operated from that premises. They are providing this service in accordance with the Northern Beaches Council requirement of trading further than 200 meters from fixed food premises.

Currently, Wax 'n Grind is limited to only operating for 15 min from one location. However, a number of other mobile food/drink services that operate in the Northern Beaches Council area of jurisdiction have been granted permits to operate for extended periods (4 hours or more) from the same location.

We are petitioning for Wax 'n Grind to be issued a permit commensurate with permits that have been issued to other mobile food/drink providers i.e., a permit to operate for at least four hours from the same location (the far northern corner of the Mona vale Beach carpark).

Please sign the petition to show your support.