We are against of expulsion of Julia.

Who is Julia?

He is a Peruvian mother and a grandmother. Widowed more than ten years ago.

For Peruvians family is the core of it all, it is the most sacred in their lives.
Julia is hard-working, caring family person with a lot of love and enjoyment.
She enjoys nature, staying with her family, and everything beautiful.

Julia came to visit her family to Finland in late summer 2014.

She fell in love with Finland, and wanted to stay with her family in Finland.
Julia does not want to live alone in old age any more, but to spend time with my family.

In the autumn of 2014 Julia was applied for a residence permit.
The permit was rejected.

The decision was appealed in the spring of 2015 to the Administrative Court, which is also abandoning the residence.

Her living is payed by the family, no society.

She does not have health insurance, since she can not get any insurance from Finnish insurance company.
Travel insurance is no longer valid because it can not be renewed without having to visit Peru on site.

Is this the way to treat old woman in Finland, who just wants to live with his family?
With no health insurance and banished like some criminal?

We are opposed that Julia will be deported from Finland and the separation of family.


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