41TeHfUPWJL._SY600__.jpgIt is our ABSOLUTE and UNALIENABLE RIGHT  to  PERSONAL LIBERTY under the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS which supersedes all other unnatural "laws".  We have been lied to but We will not be violated any longer. We do not stand under any authority but our own; free to live and move on this land as we please. Trade, barter, or purchase without unconstitutional or unconsentual taxation. Enough is enough. We have the right to freedom and to defend ourselves and our families. We will not hand our loved ones over to the state. We do not give anyone nor government dominion over us. The government can not use powers we did not already give them. WE DO NOT CONSENT TO RECIEVING ANY VACCINES, INJECTIONS, OR ANY OTHER KIND OF  PERVERSIONS OF OUR SOVEREIGNITY.  We are more than SIN numbers, we are flesh and blood, blessed with the light of our creator God. 


Refernece Blacks Law Dictionary 9th edition and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



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