We NEED a dance remix of the Olivia Newton-John & Dolly Parton "Jolene" duet!

Olivia.jpgWith the recent sad passing of pop ICON Olivia Newton-John, and her posthumus duets album coming out early in 2023, fans are most excited for a long-over duet with Dolly Parton of a song that was a big hit for BOTH of them, "Jolene."

Now with Dolly's continued popularity, the time is right for a DANCE REMIX of this duet of "Jolene" and to bring it in to the dance clubs! It is a classic song that everyone loves and both ladies are gay icons, so the gay clubs would grab hold of it fast!

Olivia's last club hit "You Have to Believe" went to #1. Dolly recently had #1 dance hit with "Faith." So this is a no-brainer and the timing is perfect to keep Olivia's legacy alive.

Show your support--to show them just how much we'd love to have this happen-- that we can then forward to "The Powers That Be" at Primary Wave to remix the song and send it to the dance clubs!

Thank you! (and pass it on!)

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