We want an EIT Offline Ceremony

To Andrea Paoli (Head of EIT Digital Master School) and William Jonker (CEO EIT Digital),

Long story short: We want an in-person event to conclude our degree even if it would take 1-2 years in waiting. Call it a ceremony, reunion, or make us freely attend a future ceremony if we would decide so.

We are all saddened by the news of the EIT graduation being online. Believe us, we understand the devastating and tragic pandemic situation that has taken over the world.
It’s, therefore, worth stating the obvious: We don’t want a in-person graduation now.

You decided on the online graduation without asking the people that are mostly involved with it (the student) for which this is one of the most important moments in their life.
There are alternatives.

Nobody is running after us, we are already 6 months late, we can have the degree certificate and most of us (hopefully) already found employment.
We can wait longer for the ceremony.

Our program started with an in-person celebration of education, hope, and the future. People from all over World came together to meet each other, understand each other and form long-lasting bonds.
Let’s try to do the same for the graduation.

P.S. Making the ceremony online and on Tuesday, the middle of a working week, is not the best.


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