We want BTS to disband!

A petition for everyone from all around the world: We want BTS to disband!

Our goals are:

  • We want BTS to disband. Not only BTS, but also all K-pop groups that needs to disband.
  • We want BTS to no longer have many fans, not only BTS, but also all K-pop musicians and groups needs to no longer have many fans.
  • Hybe Corporation and its subsidiaries, including Big Hit Music, Source Music and Pledis Entertainment, needs to enter insolvency, then it will enter bankrupt.
  • The CEO of Hybe Corporation, Bang Si-hyuk (Hitman "Bang"), needs to go to jail, needs to be sentenced to prision for life and needs to be demoted on all of his functions.
  • We want the K-pop music genre to be in decline forever and it should no longer be popular in all around the world.
  • We want applications like V Live, Weverse and BTS World to shut down forever.
  • The president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, needs to be resigned and also the South Korean government.
  • We want South Korea to be united with North Korea, so South Korea can go back to the communism and to no longer be a recognised country, but an unrecognised country, while Kim Jong-un to be the supreme leader and for North Korea, and for South Korea.

BTS, which makes the world dirty since 2013, we want to get rid of BTS! They have songs that are very weak, members that don't know how to sing, make rap and dance correctly, not even a billion views are worth for them.

Down BTS! We want BTS to disband! We want protests related to BTS, K-pop and South Korea, please sign this petition, I want 1,000,000+ petitions, so this can happen!

#DisbandBTS2021 #JosBTS2021

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