We Want Palle home from Rodeo2 the worst prison in the World

My friend Palle has while he was located in Venezuela been charged for a crime in Denmark. Interpol issued a warrant for his Arrest. Palle was placed in an Arrest in Carracas and has been there for a month. Via an in smugled mobile phone, i have had contact with him, until yesterday 12th of June where they transfered him to Rodeo2:


the worst prison in the world. The crime Palle is accaused of doing has a very low sentence frame and is no way near in the category where he deserves this. Nor is it by danish standards legal to put him in a real prison before he is convicted, if he is guilty. Here is what he himself wrote to me about the standards of the Arrest he was first put in.

"I am paying the Police not to transfer me. Im paying a fortune to get food and at the same time i have to fight for it. Im shitting in a hole in the ground. I dont see the sun and i dont get out. Im sleeping on the floor with 38 other people in a room of 28 square meters. People are getting stabbed at night. And fuck the Consulate this is corruption at its worst and the Consulate doesnt speak my language."

Its imperitive that we get focus on this because his life i in danger.

I sincerly hope you will sign this petition