We want real pockets in girly and women's clothes! Not those fake ones!

I am Weronika and I'm four years old. And a half.

I want to write to all those people who make clothes. So that they know, that we want kids and adults, who are girls, to have real pockets.

So that girls could put their hands in them, and other things, like food (food is important!), toys, the small ones, when they go to a playground because they might need them, and also small plushies.

When you have big pockets, you can even put a plushie in them, when you want to take it somewhere.

For example, a pencil case, a small one, and put small pencils there. So many things!

I carry so many things in my pockets! Chestnuts, and trash, so that I don't lose it. When there is no trash can around, I put trash in my pockets and when I finally see a trash can, I say "mom, we need to stop" and I throw it. And if I forget about it, it's not a problem, I can throw it at home.

Boys have it nice, they always have pockets, and girls don't have it nice. :(

Okay, not in tights, tights should not have pockets, just dresses and hoodies and jackets, and pants. And skirts too.

Weronika (text) and Moms (editing).

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