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Where Do You Stand On Article 31 Redress?

This Commitment Page was created to clear the air about which NH Legislators/Lawgivers will support the true Constitutional Article 31 Redress Process as evidenced throughout the New Hampshire Senate and House Journals found at the Secretary of State archives on Fruit Street in Concord New Hampshire. (603-271-2236)

If you are now or have ever been a New Hampshire Legislator, We the People of New Hampshire invite you to make a declaration of standing in support of the unadulterated Article 31 Redress Process. This invitation also goes out to anyone that has ever officially declared a run for a legislative office.


If you support the People's Right to an unadulterated Article 31 Redress Process as evidenced throughout the New Hampshire Senate and House Journals, please sign in and make publicly known your position.


We, the People of New Hampshire thank you for your support of Our Right to Petition the Legislature for the Redress of public Grievances.

After you sign this Commitment Page and respond to the confirmation email, you will be allowed immediate access to the comment section where you will be free to post and edit your comments and web links.



Click the following link to see who has already committed to Honor their Oaths of Office.



Learn more about Article 31/32 Redress at http://nhredress.wordpress.com/lcb/


This link will take you to the 1812 Senate and House Journal.




This link will take you to the NHRedress Senate and House Journals Page http://nhredress.wordpress.com/nh-legislative-journals/


This link will take you to the Secretary of State's 2917 page Petitions Index http://nhredress.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/petition-index-consolidated.pdf


Please forward any request for information about the Article 31 Process to petition@NHRedress.info. Feel free to contact us should you wish to have your name stricken from this page, your request will be honored without question.


Find Your Legislator here http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/wml.aspx


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