Petition against City of San Antonio Plan for re-zoning Blanco and Wilderness Oak

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!


This is the Petition against the City of San Antonio's plan to approve a developer's request to re-zone the land that falls between Wilderness Oak, Gathering Oak, and Blanco Road to an Urban Tier zone.


The existing infrastructure is already stressed during the peak travel hours with the existing population.  The intersection this land falls at is where 4 lanes of congested roads merge into 2 lanes.  New subdivisions and homes are still being constructed further north on Blanco and future construction on 281 will likely send additional traffic seeking to get around the construction delays.


Typical morning traffic during the school year: Blanco and Wilderness Oak traffic


Unfortunately, even with this knowledge, all but 1 of the city planners have voted in favor of the developer against the pleas of the community (a big THANK YOU to Mr. Suren Kamath!).  The developer is promising a classy layout for their proposed multi-family units, however, the addition of the vehicles that come with over 300 apartment units to this particular intersection is both in bad taste for the developer and irresponsible for our city leaders in respect to the exisiting infrastructure deficiencies.


The developer's proposed solution to our concerns; adding a traffic light to serve their residents!


Although there is a non-ideal situation with the current congestion, our community is simply asking the city to not make the matter worse.  It is true that we would prefer commercial offerings to serve the existing community or a park to better respect and maintain our environment (who doesn't?) but it is important to note that we are not against development,  we are demanding responsible development!


The city planners feel it is our job to deal with the consequences of their decisions.  That's not exactly responsible.  We feel they should be the ones that are responsible setting up the accomodations to the decisions that they make BEFORE they make a decision that will lower the quality of life for their fellow citizens.


If you are interested being part of our cause, please sign our petition, ensure your neighbors are aware of our plight, and consider planning to attend the city council meeting so that you can be heard! (Date, time, and location will be provided when it is known).


In order for your petition to count, please leave your first name, last name, your neighborhood, and street address of your home.


It is your choice to sign your name publicly or privately but I have hidden your street addresses and subdivisions from the petition.  I will only share your information with the the leaders of our effort and our city representatives.


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The last stand against rezoning