Witten Needs Dr Amanda Machin!

Dear fellow students,

You might have heard that Dr Amanda Machin’s contract did not get extended. Last summer it was extended for one semester, however that has now expired. Unfortunately, there has been no transparent communication from the faculty as to why she could not be extended. With this petition we want to let the university know that we strongly oppose this decision! We want a long-term sustainable solution to keep Dr Amanda Machin at our university for the following reasons:

1. Teaching Style:

It is not news that Dr Amanda Machin’s courses are outstanding. Not only is her technical expertise impressive, but so is her teaching style. Her courses are characterised by lively discussions, critical reflections, a warm atmosphere and her great support for us. In short, her courses exemplify the core values that our university is all about. The feedback on Dr Amanda Machin’s courses and the very high number of theses she supervises make it clear how above average Dr Amanda Machin is in popularity with us students compared to others at our university.

2. Sustainability, Democracy & Qualitative Methods:

Dr Amanda Machin’s exceptional knowledge of climate change, social justice and democracy cannot be covered by other professors in our faculty. Therefore, without her the quality of our study program will decrease. She is also one of the few professors with great expertise in qualitative research.

3. Diversity & Internationalisation:

Dr Amanda Machin is one of only two female professors in the whole PPE department. She is a role model for us, especially for us young female students. Our university, and us students, suffer from the gigantic gap of female teachers already! Besides, she is also the only international professor at our department. Witten needs voices like hers and it is fatal to let her go.

In the spirit of the UW/H`s values “encourage freedom, strive for truth and assume social responsibility”, we want to take responsibility today and step up for the future of a professor who is and always will be close to our heart.

If you feel the same way, please support us by signing this petition.

Thank you!

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