World Scout Jamboree Japan - Memorial Package

Dear everyone,

Unfortunately, Evi and I missed out on the official Japanese Memorial Package. However, this didn't stop us to contact the Japanse organization to inform if it would maybe be possible to order another Memorial Package anyways.
Unfortunately this wasn't possible, unless... We could find a large group of people who, like us, missed the ordering deadline. If we can gather a big group together, the Japanese organization will consider a second edition of the Memorial Package! Wouldn't it be awesome if we can get this done?

That's why we ask you to sign this petition ánd to share this message with all your Jamboree-friends, so everyone will read, sign it and we get our second edition!

We'll keep you posted!
Evi and Bart

Evi van de Louw en Bart Swinkels    Contact the author of the petition