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Nova SBE should take the opportunity of having the World Stadium to inform and raise awareness for the atrocities committed in Qatar. This could also be an opportunity to raise donations for the families of those who perished in Qatar, by forwarding these donations to Amnesty International.

Football was created to bring people together. For over 100 years, it has been responsible to unite people from the most diverse backgrounds into cheering for the same team and celebrating the same achievements, regardless of wealth, social class or beliefs. Football has become the most popular sport worldwide, and has taken kids out of the streets, contributed for the development of several countries, and brought unity and happiness to the world. Might I remind you that, in the midst of World War I, soldiers cessed fire, and played an amicable football game on Christmas Day. But its relevance goes way beyond what happens inside those four white lines. Football and worldwide football organizations have been actively pushing and led the fight for human rights, racism, gender equality, poverty awareness, among others, through several campaigns and partnerships throughout the years. 

We understand and completely agree that the decision of having the World Cup in Qatar was incorrect. Basic human rights were neglected and will continue to be. However, we believe that all the efforts that led to this moment should not be in vain. It is our duty to honor those who have perished, and raise awareness towards these violations of human rights, that will purdue even after the World Cup ends. Only then we can improve and get better as a community. 

By removing the World Stadium, we will be pushing into forgetness the atrocities committed in Qatar. Nova has in its hands a great opportunity to inform and raise awareness on what happened, by having hundreds or thousands of people under the same roof. Let's not let all the lost lives be in vain, and help the families of those who perished.

We urge the students who made and signed the initial petition to contact us, Rodrigo Baptista (42997) and Christian Weber (39460) so we can jointly create a platform that would help us inform the student body of the attrocities committed. To remove the World Stadium is to waste a valuable opportunity to honor and remeber those who died and suffered in the preparation of the World Cup and, in our view, this would truly generate the most impact.


Thank you!

Rodrigo Baptista
Christian Weber


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