Hello dear YG FANDOM FANS,

Koreaboo has been writing many negative, hateful, factless post ever since they came up. 

YG  entertainment and their artists always seem to be their target. When YG entertainment is a hot topic for ever reason, they make sure to create as many posts about the agency as they can.  Fact checking or using reliable sources isn't their thing.Twisting, turning and sensationalizing stories all for the clicks. They don't apologize for their hurtfull words. Koreaboo has reported many misinformations to various fandom under YG entertainment which caused them to misunderstand or even hate the agency. 

If koreaboo did their research and inform their fans then they could be a source of real information to many new fans. Unfortunately they are non better than a gossip page and  sadly make new fans believe everything they write. Instead of relying real information they feed their following with lies. Koreaboo writers take a few toxic fans words and blow it up to create a riot against the agency.

YG ENTERTAINMENT,  YANG HYUN SUK , BIGBANG, IKON, BLACKPINK, and other ( former) artists under YG have been their main focus.

Let's protect YG entertainment and YG artists from this evil kpopfan manipulator. Koreaboo needs to stop making negative post about YG entertainment and their artists. We need to make a statement so that YG entertainment ( hopefully) takes action against Koreaboo.






**Even if you are not with any YG fandoms and you want koreaboo to go down, sign this petition. Help us stop them. 

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