Dear Zeek Management!

Account stealing has become recently a real issue, which does not only make Affiliates’ task harder but is neither beneficial for the company’s fame.

On behalf of all who signed this “petition” or list of requests from my country (Hungary) about improving the safety of our Back Offices, which we put together in order to help the effort of this meritorious company.

We have outlined five suggestions in terms of what technological advancements would put a halt against frauds and hackers.


For example, each time that I change my password  or email address, I should be notified via email that my password has been changed, and ask for my confirmation. This way when it happens I will know right away. Also when updating personal information the primary email address should not be changed without a confirmation sent to that primary address. Amazon and Paypal implement these measures and I would like Zeek to do the same.


We kindly request to implement a control question when updating anything in our “Update Personal Information”, which question only can be answered by the original owner of the Back Office.


We also request that a transaction pin code be asked for when sending any money to our payment processors as e.g. this functions in Payza’s system.


We would also request that log in should not be possible on an unsecured page. Despite that “www.zeekrewards.com” can be opened in secured “https” connection, none of the Affiliate pages can “username.zeekrewards.com”. Because affiliate pages can only be opened unsecured without “https” the log in info is only sent as normal text, this makes hackers task an easy job.


Finaly we would ask for a control field when changing our password to check whether or not we might have made a typo.
We sincerely hope that on the long run these improvements would lighten the load of work on the company as well, so that by the time spared they could do something efficient instead of toiling on getting the stolen offices back to correct owners.

We do thank Zeek for this promising opportunity just as we trust in fulfilling our requests for the sake of our long-lasting business relationship.

Sincerely, all people with their signatures who has signed this petition: