Save me from eviction

Mizar Saadiah a Palestinian refugee from Syria. Like millions of Syrians, he fled the war in search of safety and a better life. He arrived in Greece, and his journey began with torment from the moment he left Syria until now.

My name is Mizar, a Palestinian refugee born in Syria. She was born in 1998 to a Palestinian father and a Syrian mother in the Yarmouk camp in Damascus.

I decided to leave Damascus in Syria after the security situation worsened to an unbearable degree. I went to Turkey, then through smuggling routes, I arrived in Greece on February 17, 2016.

In Greece I stayed in a camp on the Macedonian border for four months, when I was registered as part of the resettlement program. I went to Athens where I did a resettlement interview and they told me to choose eight of my favorite countries. I waited three months before IOM contacted me to inform me of the decision. I was shocked when I knew that I would go to Romania and I did not choose Romania. I had no choice but to accept the decision

Video: Yarmouk camp ... the hell of Palestinian refugees!

At that point, my torture trip began on June 27 2016, Romania
I got an answer from the court accepting a request for political asylum and then I was allowed to stay in the refugee containment camp for only two months and there are no language courses and no health care and I am sick in nerves because of the war in Syria .. After I saw I have no place here in this Country How can I live in a country that will not provide me with the simplest things in order to start my life and how can anyone start his life from scratch and how can I deal with society and I do not know the language of this country and I cannot integrate with society
Then I got a travel document and went
To Germany.January 17 I applied for asylum and were rejected after learning the language and started my life and started to integrate with German society
I am tired and despairing of this life, and I felt that my life has stopped, I am turning in empty circles, and the days go by
Around me, after I lost hope, I decided to come to Belgium. I read a lot about Belgium. I was hoping to get my rights like any human being. I applied for asylum and started treatment. I registered at a language school and got a certificate of integration and started to feel that Belgium is my country and this is the place for me now. I received the rejection decision

I was stuck in a vicious circle of endless administrative procedures and a permanent rejection of everything I asked for.
I do not know and do not understand why this is happening with me. I feel like I'm living on the sidelines. I feel like my life has just become a nightmare
To support my cause. I want to collect a sufficient number of signatures to submit, within a petition, to the court. I do not know whether this step will produce a result, but I hope that a solution will be found quickly, as time passes and years of my life pass without stability or development and I am still a young man I aspire and I have dreams
# Save me from the road

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