2nd Chance at Life

My name is Tyler Holmes, an African-American man who fought to become successful while many obstacles were trying to keep me from living up to my full potential. My story and my help could inspire and aid anyone that has been in a bad position or sucked into the justice system and simply need a second chance in life. Currently, I am the CEO of Ty’s TV Mounting & Home Services, the Founder of 2nd Chance LLC., and a Youth Mentor of Boys2Men, etc. Yet, due to past incidents with the law, to the justice system, I’m just inmate #0863–. But, I’ve proved the system wrong and made a name, a life for myself and my family. Not everyone has someone to stop them and lead them into the right path and with my experience and determination. I can shine a light ahead for anyone who needs guidance in this world of ignorance.2nd chance is a non-profit organization. It’s designed to rebuild your character & help you realign your goals & ambition, ignite self-motivation & determination, allocate positive mentoring for males needing direction, & create a strong platform for men designed to start fresh.Our mission is to assist young males in becoming productive citizens in their community, home, and family by providing resources, educational tools, and insight on regaining control of their future life.Along with my personal experience with the law, my eldest brother went through the same but he didn’t have the guidance that I’m trying to provide for young men. Currently, he is serving his time although he has matured and has admitted to his wrongdoings that got him in that position. I wish it didn’t have to take for him to go to prison to learn a life lesson, so with my foundation young men won’t have to see the inside of a jail cell just to make them want to change their lives for the better.“You can’t go back and change the past but you can start where you are & change the ending” - C.S Lewis.IMG-2033.JPG

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