We Hereby Claim that Kim Michaels Has No Rights to the Assets of the Shangra-la Mission or its Subsi

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2012-01-04 19:34:47

On February 14, 2011, Kim Michaels agreed to relinquish all rights to the Shangra-la Mission, and its physical assets. No agreement was reached about his published dictations because it has come to light that even dictations taken at the conferences from the earlier years were not from the real Ascended Masters, although the Masters did inspire him to say certain things that were true in those dictations, and he did release Ascended Master truths from 2003-04 gleaned from the previous dispensations he studied under.  After 2005 and the release of the false teachings on the Conscious You, more and more of the false teachings were coming through those dictations.

It is our understanding from the Masters that Kim was sponsored under Lorraine's mantle in order to create an environment where these false teachings could come out for their judgment, and done so under the mantle of Messengership. Kim continues the false teachings on his websites and the false dictations but they come out of the polluted lower etheric, not the astral plane. Thus they are harder to detect as false then from astral entities impostering the real Masters out of the astral plane.

Previous announcement 2010:

In 2010 Kim was asked to relinquish all dictations taken under the auspices of the Mission, delivered at the Shangra-la conferences - but he refused. He published them on his website, without any reference to their source through the Shangra-la conferences, and extensively edited the dictations to remove any references to where he took the dictations or that the Shangra-la Mission ever existed. He also removed all references to being co-messenger with Lorraine thereby emoving any references to her and their mission together.

For more information about the false teachings from Kim Michaels, see:




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