We Hereby Claim that Kim Michaels Has No Rights to the Assets of the Shangra-la Mission or its Subsi

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We hereby declare the independence of the non profit Shangra-la Mission, and any of its subsidiaries, from any ties to the Ask Real Jesus website or its creator, Kim Michaels. Through the circumstances of the past year, July 2009 to the present, Kim Michaels has abandoned the Messenger, Lorraine Michaels, (herein called "the Messenger") the teachings, students and members of the Shangra-la Mission and its subsidiaries; thereby forsaking any rights he may have otherwise held over the aforesaid Mission's holdings and assets.

The Shangra-la Mission has been built by the hands of the Messenger, and its students. We thereby hold it to be self-evident that all people have a right to declare their Freedom from those who would attempt to destroy an organization built by their own hands in expression of their Faith and to Just cause. That when any person attempts to destroy this, for their own means above the consent and will of the People; having first declared themselves through their words and actions and by their own independent free will to have no part in or support for the aforesaid organization, that individual dissolves any previous rights they may have held over that organization and its holdings.

With such an occurrence as this, it is our Right and Faithful Duty to stand in defense of our Liberty in Freedom from the powers of those destructive and selfish forces here exemplified through Kim Michaels upon the Shangra-la Mission and the Truths for which we stand. We have a Right to stand in defense of our Freedom from those who would attempt to destroy that which we hold sacred, for their own personal gain.

The aforesaid behavior and clear severing of ties to the Shangra-la Mission is irrefutably displayed by Kim Michaels and we hereby set forth these grievances:

Whereas, over the last several years Kim Michaels has introduced Conscious You concepts that go against the tenets of the Shangra-la Mission, and

Whereas, in 2008 and 2009 Kim MIchaels decided to withhold teachings received under the Shangra-la umbrella and during Shangra-la sponsored activities, not publishing them as customary over the prior six years and then selling those teachings in a self-published book subsequent to his willfully leaving the community of the Shangra-la Mission and willfully disobeying God’s Laws by using the materials of Shangra-la for personal gain, and

Whereas, Kim Michaels allowed multiple people to infiltrate the organization with motives to break the members apart, refusing to utter even a word of admonishment, unless the Messenger asked  him to support her in disciplining them according to the bylaws, despite any of the actions they took against the Shangra-la Mission, thus refusing to protect the organization from individuals seeking personal gain, control or attempts to harm the Shangra-la Mission, and

Whereas, in the last several years Kim Michaels has brought forth questionable spiritual teachings whose source we believe is not pure, but of the Conscious You, a new term he created to eliminate the Christ as the center of our Beings, and

Whereas, on July 27, 2009 Kim Michaels spent the night with Helen Parmas, after which he announced to the Messenger and our spiritual leader that he had a higher oneness with Helen Parmas than with the Messenger, and said he did not want to enter the marriage bed with the Messenger again, but just continue a friendship so that he and Helen could remain in a business relationship within the Shangra-la Mission only so he could remain on the school property and residence benefiting from its assets, and

Whereas, on July 28 and 29, 2009 Kim Michaels emotionally and mentally badgered the Messenger to get her to confess to sins he believed in his mind the Messenger created, in the attempts to get her to finally state she wanted a divorce from him, and

Whereas, on July 28, 2009 Kim Michaels left the marital residence and School of Being session with one of the students, Helen Parmas, not announcing to anyone he or she were leaving, leaving her seven year old daughter unattended for seven hours on the school property, while they sought physical pleasure together, abandoning the Messenger and the child and any concerns to their welfare in not knowing where they were or when they would return, and

Whereas, Kim Michaels went along with the Shangra-la Mission’s plan in 2008 to buy the large residential property in Virginia, the main purpose of which was to establish the School of Being, under the spiritual direction of the Messenger, not once objecting to the plan and its realization, which required a sizeable financial strain on all members of the Shangra-la Mission, without voicing any concerns about his marriage and future with the Messenger – although at that time he was aware of his doubts in continuing the marriage (as stated in his July 31, 2009 email to the Messenger and community), because he had a growing attraction for Helen Parmas. Yet he continued to live a normal married life, giving no indication that there was any problem with the Messenger or members of the community, and

Whereas, after committing this adulterous action on July 28, 2009, Kim Michaels proposed to the Messenger to join him and Helen Parmas in their higher oneness, thereby further demoralizing and mocking the Messenger by trying to convince her to join into the false oneness with Helen Parmas, where the Messenger was to forgo her integrity, including her personal relationship to God and serve them, leaving her the only alternative to leave the property and school in Kim Michaels' custody, thereby forcing her to make the decision to seek a divorce or be forced in a diminutive role in the school she was divinely inspired to create, and

Whereas, the Messenger experienced trauma and shock for having no prior warning from Kim Michaels that he wished to end their marriage, and after physically abandoning the Messenger on July 29, 2009, after she made the decision to stay Messenger for the Shangra-la Mission and teacher for the school of Being, after Kim Michaels attempted to emotionally and mentally abuse her for two and a half days attempting to get her to confess to sins he believed she committed against him and the community of God,  badgering her into a divorce she did not want, he wrote the community on August 2, 2009, inviting them to be one with a mystery woman he refused to name, in the “incessant joy and our ever-flowing laughter”, the Messenger had no choice but to accept Kim Michaels' will to divorce, and

Whereas, Kim Michaels wrote an email to the community on August 2, 2009, stating he had met a woman who had acknowledged her oneness with Maitreya and he too acknowledged his oneness and Being as the Ascended Master Maitreya, thereby implying they were twin flames, yet at the same time stating that they were not but were higher than twin flames, also stating he was the Great walking, breathing, Initiator to the new community he was calling out of the Shangra-la Mission, also stating his messengership was never dependent upon approval or validation from any external source, thereby making him an infallible leader who was beyond reproach for which he expected the greater part of the community to follow him, but when they renounced his new oneness as a fallacy, he announced his abandonment of them and cut them off because they chose not to join him and his mystery woman down the path to perdition, and

Whereas, Kim Michaels asked in his August 2, 2009 email, could he be wrong for leaving the Messenger for another woman and breaking apart the church and the Shangra-la Mission for a higher oneness with another woman, we unequivocally state yes, Kim Michaels, you were wrong, and

in Kim Michaels August 4, 2009 “If Lorraine is not infallible would you want to know” email he sought to break the community of the Shangra-la Mission apart and discredit the Messenger as an unfit spiritual leader for her wounds and inability to have this Maitreya kindness and capability for this higher oneness that he and his mystery woman, Helen Parmas, (that he still had not introduced) had, stating he was withdrawing from the community and would not read or correspond with any of its members, thereby willfully choosing to abandon not only his service to help support the community and the Messenger, but the Shangra-la Mission she created and nurtured for the prior seven years, and

Kim Michaels reopened his website "Ask Real Jesus" in October 2009, after shutting it down without notice for over two months upon abandoning the Messenger and Mission, leaving the Messenger to answer queries as to what happened to the website connected with Shangra-la, he took the Shangra-la 2003 through July 2009 activities and Shangra-la copyrighted materials released during those activities and published them on his "Ask Real Jesus" website as his own, excluding all words, references, names and identity with the Shangra-la Mission to the detriment of the integrity of the Word through the Mission, violating copyright laws and the Spiritual Laws of God, and

Whereas, on November 5, 2009 Kim Michaels published on his "Ask Real Jesus" website a dictation he said was from Master MORE, as a message from heaven, stating that Shangra-la Mission and its the Messenger and all members of the organization, are no longer sponsored by heaven; thereby implying that their teachings were no longer viable, truthful spiritual Laws of God to the peoples of earth, thereby mocking and defaming the character and authenticity of the Shangra-la Mission and its leader and members, to any and all people who would find his website and published statements, and

Whereas, Kim Michaels has willingly and decidedly left off all contact with the members of the Shangra-la community, despite hundreds of attempts to communicate with him via email, and

Whereas, in Kim Michaels' August 25, 2009 email to the Messenger, he stated he would be willing to sign an affidavit admitting adultery to obtain a fast divorce; but in his October 2, 2009 email in response to her explanation and apology to him for believing he had intimate relations with Helen, (after the Mesenger's I AM Presence gave her the impression that he had not yet committed adultery) Kim Michaels stated to her in an email he knew what he did and did not do and he told her to send a public apology to the community to make it right with God, thereby implying he had not yet committed adultery. After the Messenger sent out a public apology that she was wrong for implying Kim Michaels had committed adultery prior to October 2, 2009, the fact remains that Kim Michaels lied either on August 25th or October 2nd. Subsequent to this apology and his statement to her, he has admitted to her and her attorney that he had sexual relations with Helen Parmas over the last 12 months, thereby proving his dishonesty and willingness to commit perjury in a court of law to either obtain a fast divorce or make the Messenger look like she had treated him like a doormat, while accusing her of being an unfit Messenger and leader of our Spiritual community in emails to her and the community, and

Whereas, Kim Michaels has dozens of times falsely accused the community of conspiring against him, stating accusations by way of thinly veiled messages posted on his website, AskRealJesus.com, and

Kim Michaels has committed the action of adultery against the Messenger, the leader of our organization, with a former student of the organization Helen Parmas.

Whereas, Kim Michaels has placed his physical oneness with another human being – Helen Parmas – above his oneness with God.

Whereas, Kim Michaels has declared that a woman should not have the “masculine” qualities of directing a situation in oneness with Divine guidance, thus negating a woman’s power.

Kim Michaels has declared that “honest selfishness” gives individuals the right to murder, maim, and steal as long as they wish, if they just do it knowingly admitting they are selfish, thereby scoffing at the Laws of God and directly opposing the beliefs of the Shangra-la Mission.

, Kim Michaels has ignored any and all attempts by the organization’s members to discuss and work through the differences of opinion.

Whereas, Kim Michaels has declared that the role of a woman is to calm a man’s propensity for violence, thus negating his personal responsibility for dealing with his own anger.

Kim Michaels attacked the Messenger personally and derided her attempts to understand what she had done to offend him or could do to heal differences in the opinions of Spiritual Law.

Kim Michaels has edited the words of the Ascended Masters and their teachings created through the umbrella of the Shangra-la Mission in order to remove their feminine Messenger and knowledge of who the Ascended Masters are speaking about.

Whereas, Kim Michaels has proclaimed on his website "Ask Real Jesus" that our spiritual teacher Jesus has left the remaining members of the Shangra-la Mission behind and will no longer be with them because he has implied that all Shangra-la members who did not break off with his "higher oneness" did not do so because they remained in passe organizations and were trapped in mental boxes.

Kim Michaels claims that the true divine feminine is only soft, kind and pleasing to look and that the true nature of women cannot have strength, courage, and Divine Direction.

Kim Michaels claims through his "Ask Real Jesus" website that he and Helen Parmas are the new “Two Witnesses” from Revelation, but has not witnessed, subsequent to this message, to the teachings of Jesus Christ as taught by all “I AM” activities -- including the Church Universal and Triumphant and Summit Lighthouse "I AM" activity wherein, as a member and student, he accepted their teachings as true and viable which included the teachings taken by the activity's Messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, stating that they themselves were the "Two Witnesses" from the same reference.  Further, subsequent to July 2009, he denies and mocks much of the aforesaid teachings as well as Elizabeth Clare Prophet and her philosophy, upon which the Shangra-la Mission is founded and derives basis.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

That the Shangra-la Mission and its affiliates have the unequivocal right to the properties, assets, and teachings held in the name of and created through the efforts and goodwill of the Shangra-la members and its Messenger and leaders, and owing entirely to the grace of God.

That the people of the Shangra-la Mission and its affiliates have the unequivocal right to deny those who have rejected the Truth and Laws of God, including Kim Michaels and Helen Parmas, to any claim on the holdings of the organization due to their willful physical and spiritual separation from the organization and its members.

That the Shangra-la Mission, comprised of the active members listed on this document, hold the following shared ideals promoting God's Will on and through this non-profit mission:

We commit to dutifully following the Laws, Will and Direction of God as known through the heart. We believe that the balanced union of Father and Mother God ISIS brings forth the Christ in this world. We refute the lies of the Conscious You that would usurp the authority of God in heaven to direct his children on this Earth. We refute the lies of the Great Whore who would take down the Divine Feminine from her rightful place in the hearts of all men and women. And we affirm that those who hate God and his laws have no right to commit their evil acts in this world. Any who do not wholly share the belief in these irrefutable Truths are in no ways part of this organization and therefore do not have any claim to all or part of the Shangra-la Mission and its subsidiaries.

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