Help Stop Sedona’s $18 Million+ Uptown Parking Garage - It is Not Too Late!

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Thank You and Next Steps!

2022-09-14 00:43:07

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition, shared the petition, who stopped by the city’s garage open house, who has written to Council members to ask questions and discuss concerns. So, what’s next and how can you help?! 

  1. Can we get to 1,000 signatures? With your help, yes! And, we think this will make all the difference with the City Council. If you know others who are concerned about the cost, location, need, goals, environmental impact, uncertain benefit to Uptown employees, safety and quality of life impacts to all of us - please share this link! 
  2. Would you like and use a lawn sign (sample below)? If yes, please let us know. We plan to order some this week and it would be very helpful to know how many to order. Please email Jen Farnsworth at or Allison Nichols. 
  3. Will you email or call Council members or make comments at a City Council or Planning and Zoning meeting? Another very helpful task we can all do is make our voice heard - however you feel comfortable! Remember, the best way to be heard is to be respectful and to speak from the heart. City leaders appreciate this. If you would like to participate in any upcoming Council meeting and make comments during the public comment section, that would be very helpful. All members of the public get 3 minutes. If you would like someone to attend with you, please let us know!
  4. Sedona City Council Members:

          Sandy Moriarty, Mayor

          Scott Jablow, Vice Mayor

          Kathy Kinsella, Councilor

          Tom Lamkin, Councilor

          Holli Ploog, Councilor

          Jon Thompson, Councilor

          Jessica Williamson, Councilor

  1. Write letters to the Editor: We all should, this will get attention and will help to ensure the garage gets discussed during the upcoming Mayoral debates. Christopher Fox Graham is the Editor of the Red Rock News. Letters need to be 300 words or less, include name, address and phone number and emailed to: 
  2. Attend the Upcoming Decision meetings: There are two very important meetings that will determine the future of the garage. The first will be the design approval meeting by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the second is the City Council meeting where the building contract will be approved. If at all possible, please plan to attend both and if you are comfortable, make remarks during the public comment section (3 minutes allowed). These meetings have not been scheduled yet and we will send out another announcement when they are.
  3. Other ideas: If we want to make a change, this effort will take all of us. Please let us know any other ideas or ways you want to help on this issue. Let’s come together and let’s get loud!  


Jen Farnsworth

Thank You to All Who Have Signed and Commented!

2022-09-05 18:28:56


Thank you to each and every one of you who have signed the petition and made excellent comments, concerns and asked questions about the proposed garage. I and many others here in Uptown and beyond appreciate you very much! 

I was told by a current council member that there was “no” opposition to the garage and “everyone” thinks it is a great idea. We need to demonstrate this is not the case. We must work together to have our voices heard. If you are able to stop by the city’s garage open house of this Thursday September 8th from 4pm - 6pm at The Hub located on Pause Grounds, please do! I and others hope to meet you! Please encourage others to learn more and sign this petition. 

For all of us who had to venture into town yesterday, what a nightmare! It took me an hour to get from Basha’s back home to Uptown. Traffic was gridlocked coming in from 179 as well. From what I could see, all of the problems originated from Forest Road and Uptown and it created a domino effect across the city. Traffic gridlocked through the Y and round-a-bouts almost entirely because of vehicles attempting to turn left on Forest Road, vehicles in the wrong lane not wanting to turn left on Forest Road, vehicles attempting to go straight through Uptown but stuck at the defective Jordan round-a-bout, vehicles doing U turns on Forest Road and 89a and pedestrians in the roadway everywhere ... however, plenty of available Uptown parking I noticed! A garage located on Forest Road, perhaps the most gridlocked, congested road and area of the city will exponentially increase the problems, traffic, our safety and quality of life. Let’s all work together to stop an enormous parking structure in this location!

Hope to see you Thursday! 

Jen Farnsworth

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