Help Stop Sedona’s $18 Million+ Uptown Parking Garage - It is Not Too Late!



I am signing tgis petition because a parking garage is not an answer to Sedona's congestion. It will only add to the congestion. At some point the city needs to listen to residents. And while I live in Cornville, I am in Sedona frequently, and I DO NOT want a parking garage in the proposed location. It will negatively impact residents and wildlife, and I don't believe all consequences have been considered.

Tammi Driver (Cornville, 2022-09-04)


A multilevel garage is the wrong solution in the wrong location.

Linda Goldsmith (Sedona, 2022-09-04)


The old council is corrupt and have lost their minds

RJ Wachal (Sedona, 2022-09-04)


Town is already overwhelmed with tourists. A parking garage does not benefit the residents who will bear the cost of construction. Businesses may benefit somewhat & should bear the cost if they want parking for their businesses.

Sallie Arnett (Sedona , 2022-09-04)


As a West Sedona resident, I am deeply concerned about the impact of this garage. How many more of our red rocks are we going to blow up just to satisfy the greed of a few? It is going to add to congestion, not prevent it, and meanwhile significantly lower the quality of life for those who invested in their uptown homes.

M.E. Raines (Sedona, 2022-09-04)


Please stop this idea of a parking garage in uptown. The municipal parking lot was built for employee parking and employees don't want to park there. 401 jordan road sits empty a city owned building and parking sits empty also.
Please do not build this parking garage,
Uptown can't handle increasing tourism to park there. 18 million is too much and this garage is not a solution.

Donna Joy Varney (SEDONA, 2022-09-04)


The area the city has selected to build a parking garage will add to the already overly congested area. It makes no sense to build a huge garage to bring more people into the most congested part of Sedona. Building parking on the outskirts of town and using shuttles to bring tourists into town should be the focus for adding more parking.

Nancy Friedman (SEDONA, 2022-09-04)


Residents of sedona are not for this.

Thomas Slimp (Sedona, 2022-09-04)


This will be an eyesore and is not in line with maintaining the natural beauty of Sedona.

Stephanie Penman (Sedona, 2022-09-05)


I am a plumber and drive up forest road often. There is no doubt in my mind that this garage will greatly impact the residents in a negative manner. Find a better place, like down on Jordan Rd, to bud that doesn't effect the long term residents of Sedona. Do something right for the people who
live here and not just for tourism and the businesses that profit off of it.

Michael Doherty (Sedona, 2022-09-05)


I don’t agree with the building of a garage and wasting funds that this community needs.

Merri Khanina (Sedona , 2022-09-05)


Please stop destroying what is left of Uptown. Most you you do not live Uptown, you spend little time Uptown. You have no clue. Uptown is special. Please no more parking. What a waste of money only to make things worse just as you did with the Jordan Roundabout which is a joke! Just stop!

Ruth Colquitt (Sedona, 2022-09-05)


This once again, prioritizes tourism over residents.

Danna Messer (Sedona , 2022-09-05)


This town has no soul anymore.Our community has fallen apart.Air bandbs have displaced what this town used to be.Another stupid money move solves nothing! I moved to Sedona to get away from the big city.Now I know we have been californicated!Sedona….the greediest little town in the west!

Margaret Mitchell (Sedona , 2022-09-05)


The residents concerns are valid. There are good alternative options which take the needs of those most impacted into consideration.

Linda Moudakas (Sedona , 2022-09-05)


For all of the reasons listed in this petition and much more. It is completely unessecary and would be an enormous waste of funds. How about investing in more long term residential housing in town instead!

Cathryn Miller (Sedona, 2022-09-05)


I live close, it will be a horrible mess,
Most of all
We dont need more traffic!

Gala Kraftsow (Sedona, 2022-09-05)


I think the garage will increase congestion & will make evacuation in an emergency more difficult.

Gloria Rothrock (Sedona, 2022-09-05)


The proposed location of the garage, Forest Rd, will drastically increase traffic, congestion and gridlock into the "Y" traffic circle.

Janet Sabatino (Sedona, 2022-09-05)


I think it will make it more difficult to get out of Uptown in a medical or forest fire emergency. 66k per parking spot? What the?

Robert Jahns (Sedona, AZ, 2022-09-05)


This will only serve to increase our already untenable surplus of tourists and vehicles and will greatly impact the quality of life for Sedona residents.

William Root (Sedona, 2022-09-05)


Please say no. Too much traffic already. Build a parking structure in FarWest Sedona and require visitors to take a shuttle

Linda Collins (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


Please give transit a chance to work. I have heard many compelling reasons not to build and few compelling reasons to build. What else could be done with $18 + million dollars to improve the health and well-being of the community?

Robin Low (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


The outrageous cost increase renders this project uneconomic.

Bruce Misamore (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


With the significant increase in the price of the garage, the project has been rendered completely uneconomic.

Janet Misamore (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


Many of us exit on Smith Road to Forest Road. The extra traffic and pedestrians will make it very difficult and dangerous. $18,000,000 could be spent more wisely to improve Sedona for residents. It doesn't seem at all necessary to build such a huge parking structure. If any, why not start with the lot and see if that helps or hinders before building a giant garage.

Kim Kori (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


I am very concerned on impact a huge building like this will project into the commumunity, the cost is exuberant as of now, what more will it incur. Congestion at the site if possible evacuation. Many things, A single story garage with underground level might mitigate some of the problems of parking.

Claudia Cooke (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


At least one of the three new councilors have questioned this project, and have offered alternatives. Sedona needs a change. 4 new members of the council with new fresh ideas are critical. Also. The Forest road extension was not thought through properly, and construction was started before all the impact was realized. People will be looking at headlights instead of a beautiful scenic view. More to cone on that. And your analysis of the screw-up in the uptown project is spot on. Two lanes into town should be 2 lanes out of town. They were told prior to yhe first shovel hitting the ground. Now they promoted the guy responsible for the mess to #2 in the city government. Time to put all this on hold.

Michael & Christine Schroeder (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


This project should not go forward.

Cara Kretz (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


we do not need it and the cost too much

Joseph Montedonico (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


This is a truly idiotic (and costly!) idea.

Josee Woodward (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


Forest Road is already very busy due to the main entrance into the Hyatt being off Forest. Plus tourists park there for other reasons. Tourists walk down Forest South Side right on the road instead of behind the barrier to the crosswalk. Corner of Cheers sidewalk is a problem. way too small and people regularly stand right out on Forest waiting top cross and on a frequent basis walk against the red light holding up traffic making a left onto Forest causing a back up. The second crosswalk also causes very serious risks which I have written to the City more than once explaining. NO REPLY. Loads of tourists walking up and down on Forest/ Other problems exist and no concern by the City Staff and Council who have been notified yet the plan to construct a 3 story parking garage without starting with one as a test is ludicrous. The has never been a mention of the traffic on Forest Road already an in spite of emails not the slightest bit of concern. Also the ugly sight of the garage right in Uptown shows a lack of foresight and imagination. Everything is being dumped into Uptown like beautiful residential right by the creek off Schnebly being rezone to commercial so a huge resort could be built there adding even MORE traffic to Uptown. It would have made a stunning park in stead of the stupid wreck Ranger Station which has no attraction whatsoever, not even a close to nice location.
Now a transit Hub added to it all. Our City is destroying Sedona and you are all proud of it.



We need to double down on transit!

Allison Nichols (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


Stop this overspending and this ugly overwhelming and overkill development in my city. Stop accommodating tourists and show some true care for us- the people who live here and want to call Sedona our home.

JessicaSierra Sierra (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


I'm signing because I'd like to know who is directing this project if it isn't the citizens and residents of Sedona. Who is this council and city planning and zoning leadership answering to and where are they getting these plans if it isn't coming from the residents?

Mary Duiker (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


The roads and round-a-bouts into uptown Sedona have already created a bad air quality rating on high volume, tourist heavy days and weekends. An uptown garage will only make that volume higher and air quality worsen. The $18,000,000 could do so much good in a different place.

Levi Holiman (Sedona, 2022-09-06)



Laura Marcos (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


The residents that live here full-time have had enough of the careless spending by these people that get into office and make decisions without asking how the residents feel ,the impact of what this is really doing to this beautiful city ,we have had enough! We see it in large government and now we’re seeing it in our own little arena ,it is time to put an end to this excess spending and insanity. please vote no on this parking garage.

George Brady (419 smith rd, 2022-09-06)


I'm against building a ridiculously expensive eyesore garage that does nothing to solve the overtourism problem in Uptown.

Kenneth Brown (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


cost seems exorbitant!
Lack of community concerns.

Barbara Quayle (sedona, 2022-09-06)


I live in uptown and the city only cares about $

Diane laws Rodriguez (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


The garage is out of character for Sedona. It will increase traffic to an already congested area.

Robin Ruffo (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


Uptown resident opposed to more traffic in an area needed for residents to use.

kim Chott (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


We who live in Sedona need to have a voice in how our town is impacted by projects such as this. It's not always just about the almighty dollar, it's about our quality of life here and keeping this place a haven to live in, not just an ever burgeoning tourist trap that we'll want to flee from.

Gladys Doudna (Sedona , 2022-09-06)


On principle, the City needs to hear from the People before approving such a massive undertaking.

Scot Soller (sedona, 2022-09-06)


I’m a summer resident

Nancy Harlow (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


We need to address tourists in a different way that doesn't negatively impact residence.

MARIE LOMONACO (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


I am a homeowner and residentin Sedona and the proposed plan will have negative impact on all of us who a tually live in the Community. Also, the cost of the parking spaces that will be provided are prohibitive and a really bad financial situation to put on the residents of Sedona.

Deborah Johnson (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


I am signing because several important considerations have been missed and NOT addressed. The local population and emplyee parking needs to be better considered. Most workers arrive at 6am and taking a ahuttle is nonsense. Designing a single behemoth is lazy planning and caterers to the money obsessed contractors. Spread the wealth and scale this for a neighborhood, not a City Convention Hall. Is this space safe and addresses mischief and homeless, lights at night and women's, children's safety??safety??? I do not see these issues addressed in the design.

Mary Helsaple (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


As a long time resident of Uptown Sedona, I do not see the need for this garage. There is already too much traffic and congestion in Uptown. Forest road is a mess. The cross walk that was added is not needed and often causes near accidents with tourists crossing in the middle of the road stopping the flow of traffic for the arrow to turn left on Forest. I am tired of our city's bad decisions.

Jody Hendryx (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


1. adding the garage to the already congested pinch point" makes no sense.
2. It is mostly residential...while business owners certainly have a say residents LIVE there.
3. $66K for a parking space to lunacy. Sorry guys bit that must be one fancy parking garage.
3. What about all those existing parking lots?

Suzette Lawrence (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


I am a resident here and I have concerns about the money being spent as well as the city not adding capacity by ending other lots. I also have environmental concerns and the fact that it is not ingrated into a traffic plan!!!

Heather Clark (Sedona, 2022-09-06)


I visit Sedona often

Benjamin Benulis (Phoenix, 2022-09-06)


I think a large parking garage isn't the best choice. And it's too bad the city didn't try to compromise with area residents and start with a surface lot. If there were no issues, perhaps it could be expanded in the future. (Or easily removed if it didn't work out.)

Besides, parking isn't a problem most of time in Uptown. Existing lots are not full most of the time. A huge, controversial structure seems like a blunt way to handle a narrow window of peak demand.

And if we want less car traffic, we should consider (drastically) reducing parking in the city center. Uptown is very walkable and would be a perfect shuttle drop off.

Chris Nichols (Sedona, 2022-09-07)


The garage is in the wrong location, will make traffic worse and is far too expensive

Michael Berlly (Sedona, 2022-09-07)


I lived in uptown for 15 years. Uptown is the most walkable neighborhood in Sedona and filled with history few people know. I always welcomed visitors but not their autos. There are no sidewalks in the neighborhood except for commercial areas, so that means walkers, bikers, strollers and hikers going to trails must share the road with automobiles. Offsite parking with regular shuttles is a far better solution.

Jennifer Epperson (San Marcos, 2022-09-07)


It's time for the Sedona City Council and Mayor to stop spending money like drunken sailors. Those in power always find it easy to spend other people's money. It's time for this to stop!!!

Dale Casey (Sedona, 2022-09-07)


The original plan has been changed and will set an unsavory precedent at almost trice the original cost… you do not have a blank check with our money- residents come first— this is not Aspen or Vail

Michael Rende (Sedona, 2022-09-07)


I live in the Uptown where they’re planning to build this parking structure. This is Sedona, not some big city!!

Pamela Laudenslager (Sedona, 2022-09-07)


I believe that a parking structure off 401 Jordan road would better serve the city, the residents and tourists as well. If it came down to a Forest road structure or no new structure at all, I would "vote" for no new structure.

Phil Best (Sedona, 2022-09-07)


I don’t think this project aligns with the sustainability plan. The money could be better spent on improving the urban trail system so locals and tourists can use alternative forms of transportation that would actually reduce traffic.

Julia Ascoly (Sedona , 2022-09-09)


This feels like a waste of money. Build housing.

Sam Ruckman (Sedona, 2022-09-09)


I am opposed to this expensive and unnecessary project. Better uses are available for this funding.

Mark TenBroek (Sedona, 2022-09-09)


I think 18 million dollars for a parking garage is ludicrous!

Karen Sternberg (Sedona, 2022-09-09)


The 18 million $ parking structure is a ridiculous overreach by the city….it needs to be stopped

Raymond Briggs (Sedona, 2022-09-09)


This is way too high s spend when alternatives were not considered

Sean Smith (Sedona , 2022-09-10)


It’s definitely the wrong location for a parking structure. Uptown is already too congested and it will just add to the traffic issues we already have.

Nancy McEneny (Sedona, 2022-09-10)


I'm signing because on a daily basis, I see the glut of traffic coming into the Uptown neighborhood. Give the new council time to figure out another way to accommodate tourists yet keep them away from the route that will inevitably become an emergency exit. Please. Thank you.

Loretta Garver (Sedona, 2022-09-10)


We need to fully utilize the parking available and incentivize tourists to take the future shuttles being provided by the city.

Ann Kelley (Sedona, 2022-09-10)


Unfortunate initial decisions made worse by changes in demand and cost inflation.

Michael Wright (Sedona, 2022-09-10)


I’m signing because even though I’m new to the area I have seen & experienced the traffic. I feel in my heart that a huge parking garage in the uptown area will not resolve what the current city council is proposing. Also the voices of the uptown residents were not accounted for, that’s another reason I sign this. Love & Light to all 💜

Jessica Hosford (Sedona , 2022-09-10)


The parking structure is greatly overpriced for the benefit of the uptown tourist businesses, while adding inconvenience and cost to Sedona residents.

Lynn Lindhurst (Sedona, 2022-09-10)


I’ve read the and agree with the thoughtful and reasoned statements on next-door either opposing the parking garage or asking for its reevaluation on the part of the city.

Sarah Watts (Sedona, 2022-09-10)


There are many legitimate questions about the need for this structure in the location under consideration. This is an enormous expense item and final decision should be postponed until the new mayor and council have a chance to evaluate it.

Louisa Jaskulski (Sedona, 2022-09-11)


It's not necessary yet

William Hazzard (Sedona, 2022-09-11)


The proposed garage is too expensive, unnecessary, and will make existing traffic problems worse.

Holly Gieszl (Sedona, 2022-09-11)


This parking garage is ill conceived, as Uptown Sedona already has two public parking lots that are already underutilized. Yet, the council wants to build more. Why? Tourists don’t want to use them because they are too far away from central Uptown. This garage is going to provide parking for the transportation hub so tourists can take a bus to trailheads. This garage/transportation hub will not reduce congestion when there is a constant to draw people into the most congested part of Sedona. The plan that is proposed is just another thinly disguised attempt to bring people to uptown to spend money and support the “tourism industrial complex”.

Suzanne Strauss (Sedona, 2022-09-11)


I feel there needs to be a fresh look at this and other issues before the $18mm+ is spent

Robert Lewis (Sedoan, 2022-09-11)


There is no need for an ugly garage in Uptown or anywhere else in Sedona. Let Sedona be Sedona, not some urban nightmare.

Diane Finley (Sedona, 2022-09-12)


I think this is a horrible plan and terrible waste of money that will do nothing to alleviate the traffic issues in Sedona. The only people benefiting from this ill conceived plans are the consultants, contractors and some business owners. Once again, the residents concerns are non existent.

Marc Bailey (Sedona, 2022-09-12)


Stop 🛑 this plan.

Stacy Hakopian (Sedona, 2022-09-12)


Locating this garage in uptown is the worst idea ever and I don’t even live there (Village). Why on earth would you direct MORE traffic to the city’s most congested area? Good lord. Build parking outside the city limits and provide a choice between shuttles and e-bikes for visitors. Leave uptown for affordable housing for workers and you will have a healthier community that’s more sustainable—people can walk to work. JFC is it that hard to use common sense? Bringing more visitors and cars into the most congested area to catch a bus is asinine. Outside city limits parking. Let hotels run shuttles, provide a free few to trailheads for folks who drive up from Phoenix and do a bike share like Tempe and Scottsdale. This ain’t freaking hard if you think about residential quality of life and not how much in kickbacks you can get from encouraging pointless driving and shopping.

Jennifer Stefanow (Sedona, 2022-09-12)


Stop this lot!!!!

John Hakopian (Sedona, 2022-09-12)


I do not agree with building this parking garage. It needs to be stoped.

Gayle Baingo (Sedona, 2022-09-12)


Were signing because it seems we have plenty of parking in uptown. Why are we spending 18 billion dollars for the convenience of the tourists. Someone told me that on down the lane, the city will raise the parking meters cost on 89a as a deterrent from parking on street. I don’t see that happening. Tourists will be fine with paying more to meters anyway.
We think it’ll increase the congestion in traffic. Also, unsightly building for our quaint uptown. Don’t know if it’s too late for this petition but …. We are indeed opposed. We live in Uptown. Thank you

Patrice and Robert Pond (Sedona, 2022-09-14)


We purchased a home in uptown Sedona in 2020. We love the natural beauty throughout the city and surrounding it. We chose our home based upon its views and access to trails. Our only means of entry to our street is from Jordan Rd.
It is already a challenge to access Jordan with the roundabouts and intersection to 179 in that area. The weekends are worse. Putting up an unsightly concrete garage structure drawing more traffic to the area, worsens the traffic flow and ruins the aesthetics of the charming Tlaquepaque space.

Sharilyn Hayes (Sedona, 2022-09-14)


The cost is over the top as it has increased way too much, we already have parking lots that are not always 100% full as it is, Way to big of a structure for the area, no very much resident input, and if you keep the current parking lots, what the heck are all these tourists going to be doing to the environment and road ways let alone adding more traffic!!!

Nancy Hashim (Sedona, 2022-09-15)


Parking and housing is needed for our workers so they can also be residents of Sedona. The existing lots can provide parking with overflow and additional spaces and shuttles as needed at the Hight School and Ranger station. Tourists can be notified through an app. Just where to park to facilitate optimal use of spaces. The parking garage site can then be used for multi use: housing and offices.

Peggy Chaikin (Sedona, 2022-09-20)

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