a petition to Min of Local gvt and Mguza for service delivery to Mbundane surburb, Bulawayo

The Mbundane Suburb is an upmarket located under the Local Authority of Umguza Rural District Council. It is situated in between Nketa 8, Emganwini, Rangemore and Nkulumane.  The area is not serviced as is required by the law. It has a total of about 2500 residents who dully bought the stands and built upon them.

 We would want to make some appeals to your office. It is only through you that we pray and hope that you could help have our issues addressed. Issues of concern are as follows: 1.    Water – we do not have water in the suburb. We are relying on buying water at an average of 50Rands  per 1000 litres. 2.    Roads – the suburb is inaccessible. There are no roads and could not be accessed during the rainy season. -       Mguza promised to help but took our 600 litres of diesel and dumped the project. 3.    Rates – we are forced to pay rates at a rate of ZW50.00-00 per month by Umguza RDC. The payment lacks clarity; the RDC is not offering any service to justify the collection. We request clarity on that. 4.      Electricity – we are appealing to have the whole suburb electrified. Apparently only part of phase 2 was electrified. -       We put the infrastructure the whole are by ourselves but ZESA cant connect us. 5.      Incorporation – we are requesting that the area be incorporated into the main Bulawayo City Council Authority. This would enable us to get the most required services. 6.    Recreational facilities – the area does not have any. There are no schools, clinics and shops. People travel long distances to access these facilities. 7.    Dieses – outbreak of chronic dieses is imminent.





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